Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Midweek compendium: Let's do it for Mrs. Smith

  • Maybe I was wrong earlier about the reasons for the Browns comeback. Maybe it was Terrelle Smith's rousing halftime speech that perked up the Browns. That said, you can't go to the My-mom-has-cancer-and-is-watching-so-let's-win-this-for-her well that often. Look into the pass more, is all I'm saying. I'll shut up now. Also, Charlie Frye knows his second interception was really freaking stupid. [The Plain Dealer]

    Fun fact: The win over the Raiders the biggest Browns comeback since 1966. That's Lou Groza and Leroy Kelly territory. Also, they haven't won two straight since 2003. That's Jamel White and Paul Zukauskas territory! [Akron Beacon-Journal]

    Bad Idea jeans clearly come in husky sizes. How else to explain Romeo Crennel keeping Kellen Winslow on the sidelines for most of the first half? Oh, you say it has something to do with establishing the run?

    “He’s not as much of an impact player when we are running the ball, and we
    wanted to try to run it a little more.

Grr. So not only are the Browns going to be throwing pebbles into the surf for at least one quarter, but doing so necessitates keeping one of the team's best players off the field? I'm not a football coach, but it seems to me that one would want to figure out ways to incorporate the team's best players, no?
[Canton Repository]

In other news, the chances of Leigh Bodden playing this weekend against Carolina appear slim. The Browns signed a backup CB named Jereme Perry from the practice squad, cutting Babatunde Oshionowo for the second time this season to make room. This is a double shot of bad news for the guys over at Mistake by the Lake Sporting Times, because they really like Leigh and really like Babatunde, too. Buck up, guys. They'll both be back soon. And who knows, maybe Jereme will grow on you.


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