Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why does Maurice Carthon hate America?

Seriously, this is starting to look ugly.

Reporters smell blood in the water, and are pressing Romeo Crennel on every point they can. Including the towering blunder of starting Dennis Northcutt ahead of Joe Jurevicius, as if everyone knew Northcutt was going to bobble that pass and let it get returned for a pick. And then there was the botched trick play on third-and-short. Well, of course it looks silly when it doesn't work. That doesn't stop Bud Shaw from trashing Crennel and the recently nuclear-armed Maurice Carthon in his column.

I agree that Carthon seems to be outwitting himself on nearly every play. Maybe he needs to simplify his playbook, so he's not tempted to reach deep into the bag of tricks at least once per drive.

I've read it twice and I still don't know why he referenced rogue nations or Joe Torre and Alex Rodriguez. I think I know why he mentioned the CFL and threw around the term "Bill Parcells Guy" as if it represented something more than a foothold for lazy thinking. Although the column felt like Shaw wrote it while watching Tivo-ed episodes of "30 Minute Meals," and IM-ing Bill Livingston, I think his point was pretty clear: Carthon's playcalling sucks.

I'm inclined to agree. I didn't see the game on Sunday until the final couple of snaps leading to the field goal and very much onside kick. But it sounds like it was another dreadful Sunday of attempted run-establishment, followed by predictable passing, with plenty of botched execution and getting cute on third down thrown in.

Which brings me back to the day's biggest misstep. I don't necessarily hate a trick play on third and short, but it seems as if the Browns all too often try to finesse third or fourth and short. I could be all for that, as long as unpredictabilty is how we're going to roll. But where the hell is that spirit when running into stacked fronts on first and second down?

And if the light touch is because the Browns don't have the offensive line to dictate at the line of scrimmage (and they really don't), then why the hell do they pretend they do on first and second down?

What's that you say? The Cavs began their season tonight? You don't say ...


Blogger TommyO said...

I'm surprised that nobody is harping on what i consider a pretty big misstep which is the field goal before the "onside" kick. Deep in Carolina territory with a chance at a first down around the 5 the Browns decided to kick a chip shot field goal. Everyone seems to think it was the right choice and I'm open to suggestions, but don't you go for the TD there. I mean, you're 15 yards away and Dawson can knock in a FG from 40 yards out. So, why go for the chip shot and think you're going to get a better chance at TD after an onside kick recovery?

Even the announcers said it was the smrt move, but I have to disagree. Get the TD, recover the onside kick, and then get within FG range. That is much more likely than scoring a TD from midfield.

7:37 AM  
Blogger Flop said...

Yeah, but if they got the ball back around midfield after an onside kick with only enough time for one play, they probably would have had to try for a TD anyway.

10:30 PM  
Blogger TommyO said...

meh, that had 1:30 left at that point. I'm sticking to my guns on this one even though it is a losing battle.

I'm a cleveland fan, afterall, I'm going down with the ship.

10:19 AM  

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